Transition to a plant-based diet


When it comes to changing dietary behavior and lifestyle, we help our clients answer these important questions:

Why make this change? What do you want to do with this change? How will this new lifestyle work? Another big question is, what level of plant-based do I want to be, especially when I think of a plant-based diet?
There are several different types of plant-based diets. Vegetarian: Eliminate meat, chicken and fish. Some vegetarians allow eggs and dairy products, while others do not. Vegan (also known as plant-based)-Focus on plant-based foods only and eliminate all animal-based foods

Once you have determined your diet parameters, there are several steps you can take to facilitate the transition to a plant-based diet.
Download a 7-day vegan or vegetarian meal plan and get ready for success!

Planning and preparation
Initially, you may need more time and details to plan your weekly shopping list and recipes. Carefully read the food label to ensure that the product you select meets plant-based guidelines. As you develop your favorite products and foods, extra time and meticulous attention to detail will decrease over time. That’s when you can start experimenting with new and exciting recipes. Start the recipe easily and focus on real food. Stock up on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, legumes, nuts and seeds.
Try once a week
Consider testing a plant-based diet by adjusting one plant-based day per week. We often hear the term “meatless Monday” introduced by some companies (such as Whole Foods Hot Bar). If you’re trying a meatless day, you’ll have an idea of ​​what it’s like to try a botanical dish for all your meals. Again, planning helps. Knowing your diet in advance will help you avoid unplanned meals and last-minute diet changes. Check out our vegan meal planning blog. We provide detailed tutorials on how to prepare a day’s meal and meals to meet your nutritional needs while feeling full and energetic.
Introducing the Vegan / Vegetarian Diet
If you want to go directly to a plant-based diet, we agree! Working with a dietitian or dietitian can help facilitate this transition. We ensure that:

Get the right protein to stay perfectly all day long
Include whole grain and fiber starch to replenish energy throughout the day.
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to meet your nutritional needs.

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